Bo Selecta – The Craig David Story

Talented, sexy, groundbreaking, a phenomenon. Today I’m lucky enough to meet the man himself. Come with me, and enter the world of Mr. Craig David.

Craig, my I first say it’s an honor to meet you, and thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us today.

Don’t worry about it Kate. Craig David is happy to speak to you on a Monday, on a Tuesday, on a Wednesday, on a Thursday, on a Friday, on a Saturday. But not on Sunday, because I’m chilling seven days a week Bo Selecta.

As the album says, you were obviously born to do it. But when did it first become apparent that you were vocally gifted?

Probably at primary school, I think. Craig David, were about six then. I’d just landed the role of Baby Jesus in the school play like, and I think that was the first time I properly got respected as an R&B artist.

My name’s Jesus, take it out, or [inaudible 00:01:07]. I’m the king of Jews, I’d like to say thanks for all the gold, donkeys, frankincense, and all that. It’s proper bo.


Now, Craig your rise to fame has been meteoric over the past year. Have you had time at all to sit back and maybe reflect upon your success?

To be honest, Kate, Craig David thinks his success has been quite mind blowing, because you’ve got to understand, I came from nowt me. I used to live on a council estate, and look at me now. This is the council estate that I grew up on. Rough as fuck I tell you. Proper like Bronx, not that I’ve been to the Bronx, but you see it on tele, don’t you? I’m glad I don’t live here no more. I’ve got a big house, with crazy paving outside. Just had a porch built. My mate John did all this crazy, crazy … it’s Bo Selecta, it’s not just out front, it goes round the back as well.

I’ve even got a fucking soda stream. All this, and I’m only 19 years old. You know what I mean? It’s proper Bo Selecta, I tell thee. Rewind. Seven days …

So, what was Craig David, the child, like then?

Well, I was like any other child really, except I had a beard and a fuck off chin.

Do you think that that affected your childhood, Craig?

To be honest with you Kate, I think it did, aye. I was bullied at school, I was beaten up in the street. I properly had the shit kicked out of me. But it did have its perks of having a beard, I could get cider and fags when I was seven. By the time I were nine, I were going out with a 28 year old. She was proper bo.

Craig David …

One more time please, a little bit off key there.

Craig David …

Slightly off, once more please.

Craig David …

That was fucking right that turn, it was spot on.

Now, Craig, I understand not a lot of people know this but you’re in fact a massive bird lover. Is that right?

No, I hate fat lasses, they take up too much room and they stink.

No, no, when I say massive bird lover, I mean of the flying variety.

Oh, aye Kate. I fucking love birds that fly. I’ve got my own, she’s called Kez. She’s a peregrine falcon. I got her from a man in Huddersfield who’s got a dog with one leg. She’s beautiful.

Kez, come on you bastard. Kez? Kez? Kez? Come on Kez you bastard. There she goes.

She talks in everything. Do you want me to get her out for you?

Why not?

Come on Kez you bastard. She’s beautiful.


Look at the way she just sits there.

Very graceful.

Beautiful, isn’t she?


Come on Kez, say something for Kate. Kez, say something for Kate.

What does she say normally?

She says pamphlet. She’ll say cream. All sorts.


Come on Kez you bastard, say something or I’ll get rid of you, buy myself a leopard. Kez, little bastard, say something. Proper bastard.

Join me next time when Craig will be talking openly about his sex life …

It went all over her face.

… His parents …

Used to get into bed with us most nights, because he used to piss his own.

… and his early Djing career …

When I said Bo, they said Selecta.

… until then.

Now, if you were to be approached in the street and someone were to say to you Bo, you would automatically reply Selecta. Why? Well, it’s all down to this next man. At 19, he has fast become the face of British R&B.

You started your career djing in the clubs in and around Southampton with Mark Hill from [crosstalk 00:05:07].

Hi Mark, how’s it going? That lass gone? Brilliant.

Would you say that the days of Craig David the DJ are behind us?

Well and truly, Kate, although I have to say djing was a big part of me life. It were here where I played my first gig. This place to me is like the Cavern to the Beatles. I remember it like it were yesterday. I played here on a Monday, I played here on a Tuesday, I played here on a Wednesday, played here on a Thursday. I played here on a Friday and Saturday, but not on Sunday, because I was fucking knackered.

I think Craig David is one of our best and most talented new performers. Even though he lost out at the BRITS, I actually don’t think that matters I know a lot of musicians now are looking up to him as a face of the future. And I know a lot of kids now are probably asking their parents to buy them a peregrine falcon. Have you seen his falcon? It’s beautiful. Trained and everything.

Well Craig, you’ve got six nominations at this year’s BRIT awards. How does it feel to get so much recognition at such a young age, and to be talked about really as the next Stevie Wonder?

Well, to be spoken of in the same sentence as Stevie Wonder is a proper privilege for Craig David. Always wanted to be like him when I were a child. Don’t want to be blind though, you can fuck that shit. Imagine problems poor bugger has when he’s on bog, I bet he gets done off him mom all the time for pissing on seat. And as for BRITS, what can I say? Six nominations but no BRITS for CD.

That must be a real bone of contention for you, because …

Bone of contention? Bummer I didn’t get out. But I had a good night, you know? I met those pop stars, and that fat one, think she fancied me. Noel, he had his hands around me, I think he’s a bit fruity him.

Check it out, seven days. Rewind.

So, what does Bo Selecta actually mean?

Kate, Bo Selecta can mean anything. You can say it when you’re happy. Bo Selecta, I’ve won a tenner.

You can say it when you’re angry. Oh, Bo Selecta.

Or you can say it for no reason at all. Bo Selecta. There, just said it, didn’t mean owt.

Just tighten me balls up at the front, will you? Rock on.

Craig’s been coming here about 10 years now. He always comes to me, because I always do the best job you see. But he’s always had the same hair.

That’s right, I tried down the road, but they only put 105 balls on me head, I like 115, don’t I?

All the time.

Now that you are the face of British R&B, I can only imagine that trying to walk around unrecognized is pretty much impossible for you these days?

It can be a proper bastard. Sometimes Craig David has to wear a disguise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning, it’s great when fans come up to me in the street and ask me for my autograph. But when people come up to me and threaten to punch my fucking lights out, spit in my face, and call me big chinned beardy bastard, it’s not so great. Bo Selecta.

How would you say has had the biggest influence on you in terms of your career?

It’s got to be me mother. She always believed in me. While most people were taking the piss out of my chin and my beard, when I were six years old with a fucking beard, you know what I mean? She was always behind me.

I used to say to him, “Craig, if you can spend as much time on your homework as you can designing your bloody beard, you’ll be a genius. Look, these are his old school books, full of pictures of beards. All I wanted for him was to have a good education, and to stop pissing his bed.

What are you telling them that for? You said you weren’t going to mention owt about pissing the bed. Bo Selecta.

Do you still have a problem with your bladder?

What are you saying like?

Well, in reference to what your mother said, I mean do you still wet the bed?

What did I say?


I said I’d do interview if you didn’t ask me about pissing bed. Didn’t I? Get this mic off me, that’s it, the interview’s over. Nice to meet you, Kate.

But your mom said …

Well done, get off. Can you get this mic off me? You can fucking edit that bit out as well. ‘ere, John, they were asking me about pissing bed in here. I’m not having that.