Craig David Answers the Most Googled Craig David Questions Tom on KISS

Right, Craig, I want to play a little game right now, okay, which is the Craig David Most googled Questions. ‘Cause a lot of things, a lot of people want to know. So I’ve turned to Google, and I just want to get some of these answers. So this was top up there.

How does Craig David do his hair?

Yeah, how does he do it? With a nice barber, and he is the same barber that I’ve had from the 7 Days video. That shows you about keeping it real.


So that’s like 17 years in the game.

So hold on, he must have a Craig David price and a normal price. Surely. He could be making loads.

I think we’ve kept the price quite the same.

Oh, my d- he knows what he’s doing.

Yeah, he knows. He’s kept it like, “Listen. We’ve got this loyal thing, okay it was cool with the loyal thing, but the money’s got to stay loyal, too, you know what I mean?” So, “Okay, well, let’s keep it loyal.”

Is Craig David single, because I really, really want to date him.

Yes, single. So yeah, so you know. Boom.

Oh, my days! I thought you’d be like, “No, I’m hooked up.” You’re single?

Yeah, yeah. But serendipity, so I mean, it all connects at the right time.

Hold on. Hold on. Do you have a look in a bar? I imagine your look must be down. If you see someone in a bar … mine’s this. Mine’s just … you know what I mean? [crosstalk 00:01:07].

Do you get the response?

No. No. They’re like, “Stay away from me.”

But you know what? To be honest, my approach is just very … I don’t know, I got this … you know, your heart starts to beat and you’re attracted to somebody and you start … It’s just, go on and say something. Go and say hi. She’s either going to blow you out to your face, own it, or you get into a convo. I think that’s probably the biggest mistake people make. They have the story in their heads, like they’re a madman, like, “Oh yeah, should I go, should I not? Should I not?” Then all of a sudden she’s gone off with her mates and you’re just like, “We could’ve …”

Girl’s getting the DMs.

Jeez. He’s on the Insta. We do it for the Insta. We do it for the gram …

What? Goo- Google’s most asked question. Weird one, is Craig David in the Fast & Furious 8?

Put me in.

I was going to say, man.

Put me in. I didn’t get the check. No one sent that. They sent that to the wrong address.

I know. What happened?

Do you know what I mean? Put me in.

Have you done any TV or anything like that?

Do you know what? I haven’t done acting, but it would be something that … You never say never. I always feel like, as an artist, you can be multi-faceted. I saw Valerian recently, Rihanna’s in that, and Cara Delevingne. Rihanna bodies that. If you’ve watched them, she’s in it for a good, I think, 20 minutes in the movie, and I was thinking sometimes as an artist, you move into acting. You get a ticket past “Go,” but does it really mean you and actually pull it off? And Rihanna absolutely smashed it. I was like, “Do you know what? You’ve got a career as an actress.”


So, you never know.

It’s like Harry Styles in Dunkirk. He smashes it.

Do you know what I mean?

Absolutely kills it.

This was a good one. I liked this. Can I get Craig David to DJ my wedding? Is that possible?

Do you know what, though? Funny enough, there was a girl, this girl Sophie, who had asked if I’d go perform at her wedding. And it had gone viral, and I’d kind of been clocking it for a while, and I was like, “Send it to the management team.” I said, “Listen, if I’m free, I’ll go and do it, because it would just be wicked to surprise her like that.”

And the gig was coming in, and the gig moved the day later and I was able to make it. So I actually did go and do it. So never say never. I’m not putting it out there because otherwise my inbox just gets flooded. Everyone’s on the wedding flex like, “Yeah. Oh we did …” yeah. [inaudible 00:03:11] “We got a wedding? Oh, yeah. I’ll be there.”

Yeah, I’m there.

But do you know what I mean? Sometimes, when it all lines up …

I just want to picture a situation right now. So it’s tomorrow morning, Craig’s phone starts ringing. “Yeah, yeah, what’s up?” It’s Prince Harry. He’s like, “Yo, I need a DJ for the wedding.”

Put me in.

Come on.

Put me in. Bud, there’s certain things in life, yeah, that’s just … I think, like, to be part of that. I mean, it’s such a huge ceremony, do you know what I mean? And just like to maybe even say, “Mum, I’ll get you in. I’ll get you in. Somehow, I might get you to meet the Queen. [crosstalk 00:03:43].

Somehow she will be the emcee on that. I’ll get her in in some way. Do you know what I mean? They’d be like, “You can’t have any guest.” “Yeah, but only my emcee is coming.”

“My mom’s coming through.”

Yeah, she’s coming through. But no, I mean, we’re credible together.

So call that out right now. It’s what we want. I would love to see that front page. “Craig David, Royal Wedding DJ Confirmed.”

Put me in, man. Tears from there.

And final one, and I don’t know if this is a rumor or … I don’t know where this came from, but … Google. Has Craig David ever ridden a horse? Well, Google asked. I don’t know. Well, Google asked.

I haven’t. No, on the real, but that’s something that may be on my bucket list I need to get involved. Do you know what I mean? Maybe in a past life I got kicked in the face or something, and it said to me, “Calm yourself. Buy a horse.” [crosstalk 00:04:23] But definitely we have to travel that.

Well, Craig David, thank you so much.

That was Google’s most asked questions for Craig David. Ever ridden a horse.